About company

 About us

Long-term experience

We are experts in the field of home appliances. Our experience is already ten years. Dealing with home appliance is not only obligation for us but also pleasure, important area of the interests. Therefore, we are constantly interested in new products and expand the range according to design trends and functionality. Thus, we are ahead in the market.

We have the answers to all questions you are interested in. we can offer and help to implement not only already justified – traditional but also non-standard – unexpected solutions.

Consultations and flexibility

Client confidence – is our number one goal. We listen to all customers’ demands, provide professional consultations and help to choose the most suitable product. We don’t want to calculate incomes without making sure that the product will perfectly fit and work in the client’s home.

Your joy – is our joy. Did you not find necessary product? Please, contact us and we will order it for you individually. The price of the product seems too high? Offer your price, and we will certainly review our proposal. Direct cooperation with you and flexible conditions already became our distinguishing sign. 

Quality product only

The quality for us – is not only word but also the integral product added value for the customer.  We sell products of all well-known manufacturers, all product models we chose based on the experience gained and the customers’ needs.

The clients have the possibility to buy all purchases with full insurance “Warranty Expert”. So now you can be sure that new household appliances and electronic devices will serve you for a long time and, most importantly, reliably. 

 Our history..

UAB ROMITEKA was founded in 2007. Our core business is retail home appliances. In 2009 the company has fulfilled its development projects. As a result, opened an online store at www.romiteka.lt.

With increasing demand for quality goods and a vast diversity of products, we have created an online store WWW.ONUS.LT. Here you will find a buyer only selected, high quality products and complete product information.

 Company details

UAB Romiteka

Adress: Molėtų g. 13, Didžioji Riešė, Vilniaus raj., Lietuva

E-mail: info@romiteka.lt , info@onus.lt

Company code: 301085825

VAT code: LT100003433617

Tel.: +370-657-72255

Skype: Romiteka

Bank account: LT787300010103147676

Bank name: AB "SWEDBANK

Bank code: 73000

Find us :  

Shopping center ,,Link Molėtų‘‘, Molėtai street 13, Didžioji Riešė, Vilnius district

Business hours:   I-V   9:00-19:00 val.,  VI-VII  - closed