Delivery Information


   Delivery methods


    Free pick


      Product take-back point at Molėtų g. 13, Didžioji Riešė, Vilniaus raj., Lietuva, on weekdays from 9 am to 19 pm.. Saturday from 9 am to 14 pm., tel.: +370-657-72255.
      Goods can only withdraw the order or a person specified in the order at the time.Acceptance of the goods, you need to have the seller provide a valid
      identity document (ID card, passport or driving license for the new model).



     Courier Delivery Service


     Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland delivery on weekdays;


     Introduced Customers must inspect the goods. In case of damaged packaging, thegoods must be removed and inspected. Once the damaged goods,

     this must be indicated in  the load  važtaražtyje or invoice. Damaged goods must be returned immediately to the courieratvežusiam.

     Later claims for violations of the goods will be accepted.


     Products carrying services end-user shall not be present when the courier service.



    Delivery Price


     Delivery (transportation) charges calculated according to the place of delivery.  

     Delivery Rates:

     Delivery of goods in Lithuania (except Neringa) is FREE. For delivery to Neringa and other countries contact us by phone : +370-657-72255 or e-mail


    Terms of Delivery


      Most of the trade Lithuania courier service delivers within 1-2 working days, but somemay require a longer time - up to 5 working days. When the stock is not required goods,
      The buyer is informed about the shortage of goods ordered. Buyer agrees, that in exceptional cases, the presentation may be delayed compatible goods for theconditions.